We’re thrilled to let you know we’ve chosen you to be one of our Find The Good Brand Ambassadors!  

As an ambassador, you're someone who embodies everything that is Find The Good Brand. You're able to find the good in every day, and encourage others to do the same. With your help we can grow our community, through the power of our message, and through positive reinforcement. The larger the community, the larger impact we can have on those around us!  

As we grow our ambassador program, we plan to offer Facebook groups (coming very soon!) where you can build your own network of likeminded people through our ambassador network. We have plenty of other ideas as well from events, virtual meetings, and even some free goodies! We aim to have our ambassador program offer exclusivity but not exclusion. Find The Good Brand is for everyone but we want to give our ambassadors something extra special so they know we value their commitment, feedback, and passion for our mission. In case you didn't catch that, we're beyond grateful for our ambassadors! As we grow, we're offering our first group of ambassadors 15% off our entire store. You guys are here for the start of something massive and it means the world to us. When you become an ambassador it's also a promise that we're working hard to find new and exciting ways to give back to you all.  

We encourage you to post on your social accounts when you're wearing our products and be our brand evangelists! Do as much or as little as you like, but we'd love it if you spread the word! Feel free to use any other Instagram account that you have, as well as other social media platforms.  


The first step is to order the product or products you'd like to start with from our site, using your Ambassador Discount!  

The code to get 15% off is "AMBASS15" (This will be your 15% off code for life).  

Once you've placed your first order, you'll get access to your Ambassador Dashboard where you can create your code to share with your friends/followers (Here, they can receive 10% off, and you can earn 10% commission from every order through your code).  

In order to have your dashboard activated you will have to confirm your account via email before you can log in. It may be in your junk mail or promotions tab.  

You'll be paid your commissions on the 30th of the month through PayPal.  

The more you post and share your code, the more people will be interested in purchasing through your code, which means you will make more through your 10% commission!  

Let's Get Started!!  

  1. Use your code AMBASS15 to make your first purchase  
  1. Once you’ve ordered your items, please sign up for our ambassador dashboard —  FindTheGoodBrand.goaffpro.com/create-account  
  1. Your link and code will be live immediately so that you can share it with your friends & followers and can start making 10% on every order that uses your code! *Discount Code can’t be changed  


  1. We’ll repost your content and we’ll feature you on our site!  
  1. You get to be a huge part of helping us grow, and you can tell all your friends you're a part of Find The Good Brand. (If they don't believe you, tell them to talk to Jack, I've got your back)  


We’re excited to have you on the team! Thank you!    

Notice of Confidentiality:  

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