We're Proud of Our Newest Partnership

Find The Good is now an official partner of BetterHelp online therapy.

We’ve been on a journey to support you through life’s challenges through our simple mantra, but we know sometimes you need more.

Throwing on a comfy hoodie is easy, but starting therapy is scary. We’re here to help you start prioritizing your mental health and BetterHelp is there to make the process simpler than ever.

Get started today and enjoy 50% off your first month. Discount code “findthegood” will be automatically applied!

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Professional therapy, from the comfort of your home.

Now you don’t have to deal with the headache of trying to find a therapist with
availability, driving to and from appointments, and paying out of pocket for individual
sessions. You can focus on what matters most: getting the help you deserve.

Your mental health is your health. Take care of yourself in therapy.