Inspired By Those Around Us

In March of 2020 it was easier to focus on the negatives than on the positives. There was a need for a shift in all of our mindsets, so we built an apparel brand to do just that. We're here to focus on the good and build a community of people looking to encourage others to do the same.

Our Mantra has helped thousands reinforce good habits in both mental health and well-being, just by the simple phrase of “Finding The Good”. We make sure to extend our impact in these areas even further by donating 10% of our profits to Mental Health America.

Our Mission Is Simple

We're here to get you through the bad days, the breakups, the ups and downs, and whatever else stands between you and a smile on your face.

Enclothed Cognition

We stand behind the idea of "enclothed cognition". Don't worry, we didn't know what it meant at first either. The idea is that clothing has a systematic influence on the wearer's psychological processes.

Basically, when you wear clothes they make you feel and think a certain way. We believe that our clothes are directly aligned with our brands mission and values. This means that when you wear any of your "FTG" gear your reinforcing positive habits and coping mechanisms to help yourself find the good when you're feeling down.

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