Become An Ambassador!

Why Become A Brand Ambassador?

Join our community, earn some extra cash, and enjoy a discount on all of our products. If you believe in spreading our positive message of finding the good and want to encourage others to do the same you are the perfect ambassador. Fill out our form below to let us know that you’re interested in this role and we’ll get back to you by the end of the day!

Earn Cash

Earn 10% commission when a customer uses your unique discount code on every qualifying purchase! The more customers who use your code the more you’ll earn.

Lifelong Discount

We’ve got your back, for life. Enjoy 15% off now and forever. For as long as we’re finding the good you’ll be able to get a deal on your favorite gear. (We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon either)

Join Our Community

Become apart of something bigger than yourself by joining our community as we strive to spread positivity and advocate for mental health.

About Find The Good Brand

We have a mission here at Find The Good, to help you through the bad days, the rainy days, the ups and downs, and whatever else that stands between you and a smile on your face. We’re by your side, curating select products, media content, and resources that all support overall well-being and positivity.

About The Ambassador Program

Our ambassador program is a way for us to extend our missions reach through like minded people like you. As an ambassador we ask that you post twice a month (feed or stories) we trust that you’ll want to do so anyways because you’re committed to encouraging others to find the good! Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are all great social channels to post on and you can use any account you have to do so. The more you post and share your unique discount code, the more people will be interested in purchasing using your code, which means you’ll earn more through your 10% commission!

How does it all work?

You will be purchasing your products at a 15% discount using your Ambassador code given to you after signing up through the Ambassador form (you can find this link at the top of this page under “join now”). Once you make your first purchase you will be signing up for our ambassador dashboard. In that dashboard you will get links and a personal code for 15% off where you can track who uses your code and how much money you have made in commission.For example, Jessica signs up and is accepted to be an Ambassador. Jessica purchases using the Ambassador code and signs up for the dashboard. Once Jessica receives her clothes she posts about it on her Instagram story and tells her followers they can get 15% off using her personal code "Jessica10".Jessica makes 10% kickback on the revenue generated from her code!


The first step is to order the products you'd like to start with from the site - (If you need a recommendations here's our New Collection --> New CollectionThe code to get the 15% Off is sent to you in your “welcome email”. (This will be your 15% off code for life). Once you've placed your first order you'll get access to yourAmbassador Dashboard where you can create your code to share with your friends/followers (Here, they can receive 15% off, and you can earn 10% commission from every order through your code).You'll be paid your commissions once a month through PayPal.

FAQ How do I get paid my 10%?

We pay via PayPal on the last Friday of the month. In the dashboard it asks for your email and your payment email. Please put your PayPal email in the payment email section

Do I get to choose my personalized code?

No, the code you get is given to you by the software based on your name. Sometimes the system glitches and adds extra random numbers to the end of your code. If this happens send us an email -->

How much do my followers get discounted? 

Your followers will get 15% off using your unique code

Does my link expires in 15 days?

No need to worry. The 15 days is how long a customer is tracked while using your link. For example: your friend clicks the link on may 1st, if he/she purchases anything within that 15 day span you will receive credit for the sale! Your code/link won’t disappear or expire, only a customers tracking from a click.