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This past weekend, Find The Good embarked on an exciting adventure, collaborating with Cruise America RV to amplify the mission of what it really means for us to Find The Good: to explore, connect, create lasting memories, and do the things that make us feel alive. For us, the best way to do that was to call up hometown friends and find a mode of transportation that would allow us to spend time re-connecting but also get us where we needed to go! 

This is where our friends at Cruise America come into play. Why? Because Cruise America allows its renters to do exactly what we were looking to do. They give you the vehicle, reliability, and freedom to chase down that adventure and check off those bucket list destinations. Their team and company made this adventure possible, and we couldn’t have done it without them. We know how to find the good, and we can officially say, Cruise America does too!

Day 1: Secure The RV & Set Out

Our journey kicked off with all of us flying into San Jose from different places like Boston, Connecticut, San Diego, and D.C. Five Hometown friends coming together for an adventure of a lifetime. 

After landing, we met up, and in no time, found ourselves at Cruise America picking up our RV—a process that was as easy and fast as it was exciting. The anticipation was high as we settled into our new home on wheels. We caught up on life, got a feel for the rig on the open road, and started to plan out our adventure. Of course, before we did any of that, we branded our wheels with our favorite "Find The Good" decals.

We raced against the sun as we made our way to Marina, California. Reaching Marina State Beach just in time for a breathtaking sunset with only minutes to spare. After a full day of travel it was refreshing to bury our feet in the sand, unwind, and snap a few photos. Exhausted, but delighted, all anyone could mutter was “This is gonna be awesome”. If our first few moments with the RV looked like this, we could only imagine what the rest of the trip had in store for us. 

After soaking in the sunset and salt air until dark, we cruised into Monterey, a small beach town only 20 minutes south of where we’d be parking the RV. We explored the local nightlife, found a bite to eat, and took a late night stroll on the pier. With some tired looks from the crew we decided to call it and make our way back to our slip for the next 3 nights. It was lights out for the crew and a quick sleep to get ready for a full day.

Day 2: The Morning - Carmel By The Sea & Point Lobos

As the sun rose on Day 2, the crew slowly woke up from the three beds placed throughout the RV. A spot for 2 up above the cab, a single sleeper on a table that doubles as a bed, and two more in the big bed in the back. Plenty of room for everyone and all of our gear. 

Each night there were no issues falling asleep or staying asleep, it was even tempting to stay bundled up with the comfy linens and sheets provided by Cruise America. Once up, we were all smiles in the RV and ready to hit the road! 

A half hour south brought us to Carmel By The Sea, where we found coffee and a beautiful beach town to explore. There were more shops and restaurants than you could count. We even noticed a sign claiming over 17,000 shops… we can’t confirm that but it wouldn’t be hard to believe. You’ll have to see for yourself!

A steep stroll downhill brought us to Carmel Beach. Immediately the shoes were off, the cameras came out, and we explored the beautiful beach. Any golfers will appreciate this beach as you can see foursomes coming down holes 9 and 10 of the world renowned pebble beach golf course.

Once our coffees were finished and we were satisfied with the content we collected, it was back to the RV and on to the next stop. We found ourselves only a few minutes drive south at Point Lobos for an impromptu FTG photo shoot, capturing moments for our upcoming "FTG Script" Tee launch. Another must see spot and great hiking spot. This seemed to be a little bit of foreshadowing for what was to come along Highway 1.

Day 2: Afternoon & Evening - Highway 1, Big Sur, Mcway Falls

After riding along Highway 1 we can assure you that an RV full of you, your friends, and your favorite music is the only way to cruise this stretch of coast. As we started our journey to Big Sur we realized our rig not only served as our transport but also became the epicenter of shared laughter, stories, and awe as we admired the views together. 

We had no issues stopping at a moment's notice to marvel at the jaw-dropping views as we rounded each corner. It was hard to make time but impossible not to stop at each new view! The RV handled the twists and turns with ease, making our journey feel like one big happy family road trip. 

Soon the signs came for Big Sur and our water views were replaced by a dense forest. The RV started to feel small as we were towered over by a mix of large Redwoods, Bay Laurels, Live Oaks, Cottonwoods, Maples, and more. We all peered up and out the many windows of the RV trying to take it all in. 

As we winded through the trees and small shacks scattered throughout the forest we’d catch glimpses of the ocean hundreds of feet below. We soon arrived at a bookmarked lunch spot in the heart of Big Sur called “Nepenthe”. A perfect spot to grab a bite without missing out on the experience, this eatery was perched on the cliffs, offering California fare on a terrace with breathtaking views.

With full stomachs and newfound energy we motored on. Only a few miles more to the most anticipated spot on all of our lists. Mcway Falls, a beautiful waterfall and private beach where the water from Mcway Creek falls 80 feet right into the sand and feeds into the ocean.

We caught the sunset here and began an hour ride back into Monterey soaking in every last minute of light as the whole crew jammed to our favorite songs. Zach Bryan seemed to be the crowd favorite for the ride - "Something In The Orange" seemed fitting and might have been played more than once!

A quick stop for late night eats and some music at one of the local bars would help us wind down after an action packed day. We made our way back to our slip in the RV park, lit a fire, tried to figure out our favorite part of the day, then locked up to call it a night.

Day 3: Exploring Marina's Coastline and 17-Mile Drive

On the itinerary for day 3 was a morning swim, more beach exploration, campaign photos, a revisit to Carmel By The Sea, the legendary 17-Mile Drive, and a reservation for dinner in the evening.

Lucky for us, our RV Park was only a few steps from the beach. We woke up to another sunny bluebird day, in our comfy beds, inside our cozy RV. We learned sleepovers in your mid 20s will take you right back to the feelings of sleepovers in your teens. You really can’t beat it and we were loving every moment. 

We flipped off the shoes once again and headed for the sand. A few of us had a swim in mind and needed to see what the Marina Beach waves were all about. It was chilly and a borderline cold plunge, but it was worth the shivers and we happened to have a few of the best hoodies to throw on right after. We warmed up quickly in our “In Search" hoodies and were ready to snap some photos off to promote them. 

After an early morning at the beach on empty stomachs we headed back to the RV to cook up some breakfast. We fired up the range in the RV and got to cooking. Eggs, bacon, and OJ were on the menu. Fueled up, we hit the road and were excited to revisit Carmel By The Sea and spend a little more time there. We poked around the shops and found a great seafood spot for lunch where we could plan out the rest of the day. 

Next thing we knew we were back cruising the coast and found ourselves with our faces pressed up against the windows. We made the turn onto a 17 mile drive in anticipation of more azul blue water and some impressive oceanfront properties. Both did not disappoint. The narrow road and low hanging trees made for a snug fit, but our trusty steed never flinched and soon found a spot to pull off to admire some of the views this drive had to offer. 

As the sun began to make its final descent for the horizon we put the RV in park and made our way to a fire pit just off the 18th hole on the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course. We settled in for a long dinner as we watched the final groups try and squeeze in their rounds before the light was gone. We ended the night with good food, good conversation, and good people. I think we found it.

Day 4 : The Last Day -

Our last day began with the sun's early rays, as we slowly dismantled our campsite, organized the RV, and set out for a new morning coffee adventure. This time, we pointed the RV north, and our first stop was Moss Beach, where we stumbled upon a crowd of over 50 surfers attempting to navigate a sizable swell. Seizing the moment, we captured some last-minute photos for ongoing campaigns, all while fueling the excitement for the day ahead.

Our journey continued with a drive up just outside of Santa Cruz, and we chose to take Route 17, winding through mountains and forests, creating one last breathtaking destination. Arriving back in Fremont, we said goodbye to our now-beloved Cruise America RV with a quick and seamless drop-off, already reminiscing about our mobile home. We were expecting a longer wait here but were pleasantly surprised with the speed and efficiency of the team and program they were running.

With the unexpected extra time, to cap off our adventure, we decided to head into San Jose for one last team meal. Savoring the flavors of camaraderie before parting ways for different flights and destinations. As we headed back, the memories of our journey began to take shape—the laughter, the shared moments, and the bond forged on the open road. The Find The Good x Cruise America RV collaboration had not just given us an adventure but a collection of stories that would be retold with smiles for years to come.


In collaboration with Cruise America RV, Find The Good Brand embarked on more than just a road trip—it was a journey filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the spirit of exploration. The RV became our mobile home, facilitating not just transportation but the creation of unforgettable moments. It was where we spent hours on the road, changed in and out of our FTG gear, and blasted our favorite road tripping tunes. 

As we continue to inspire and uplift, this partnership stands as a testament to the joy that comes from finding the good in every adventure, and the friendships that cement along the open road. If you’re looking to find the good, look no further than Cruise America RV. We truly believe that they’re providing their customers with everything they need to embark on their next adventure.

Now it’s time for you to Cruise America and Find The Good.

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November 13, 2023 — Jack Tarca

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