Welcome back to another edition of Find The Good Friday, a weekly newsletter where we share helpful resources, one inspiring quote, one quick tip, and one find the good story to help you find the good this upcoming week.

Our goal is to help you get through the good and the bad days, the ups and the downs, and anything else that stands between you and a smile on your face.

This week's focus: What to do when you reach a fork in the road.

Let’s hop right in, shall we?

This Week's Resources

Here’s a list of some of my favorite resources this week. If you have the time to check them out, I’d highly recommend it!

This Week's Quote

“Start by doing what’s necessary. Then do what’s possible. And suddenly, you’re doing the impossible.”
- Saint Francis of Assisi | Italian Mystic and Friar

This Week's Quick Tip

What do you want to do most in life? It’s a tough question, but one you’ve likely thought about at one point or another.

Sure, you might be able to think of a few things you want to do before your days are done (I know I’ve got a bucket list full of ‘em).

But sometimes it can be hard to know what you should prioritize. What you want to do most. What decision you should make when you come to a fork in the road and are faced with a tough choice.

I was in the same boat recently, so here’s what I did to help me make the tough decisions a little bit easier:

  • I wrote down everything I want to do in life
  • I wrote down the things I enjoy most in life
  • I wrote down the things I value most in life

Obviously this won’t make all your hard decisions disappear just like that.

But if you reach a fork in the road and don’t know which path to take, try the above method out for yourself. I think you’ll gain some much needed clarity on where to go next.

This Week's Find The Good Story

This week’s find the good story is from an anonymous member of our community. Hope it inspires you as much as it inspires us!

“I find the good in my daily life by remembering to practice gratitude every morning and picture all the good things my day will contain. I remind myself I get to choose how I spend my day and who I spend it with. I may not have control over others, but I do have control over my own mindset, thoughts, actions, and who I surround myself with.

By surrounding myself with others who support me and help me see the good, even when I’m struggling, I’m able to continue finding the good in the world around me. Some days are harder than others, but it’s the dedication to myself that allows me to spend at least 10 minutes a day romanticizing my life and being grateful for all of the good that it holds.

You can only control yourself. So find the good within yourself and know you will find good in others, too!”

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Keep on finding the good :)
December 08, 2023 — Connor Flynn

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