Goodbye 2023, hello 2024!

I don’t know about you, but I have a good feeling about this year. Maybe it’ll even the best one yet! I guess only time will tell.

Anyways, welcome back to another edition of Find The Good Friday, a weekly newsletter where we share helpful resources, one inspiring quote, one quick tip, and one find the good story to help you find the good this upcoming week.

Our goal is to help you get through the good and the bad days, the ups and the downs, and anything else that stands between you and a smile on your face.

This week's focus: Why you should write a letter to your future self.

Let’s get to it!

This Week's Resources

Here’s a list of some of my favorite resources this week. If you have the time to check them out, I’d highly recommend it!

This Week's Quote

““Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”
- Unknown

This Week's Quick Tip

If you could travel forward in time and have a conversation with your future self, what would you say to them? Maybe it’s a question you’ve thought about before and maybe it isn’t.

But while time travel still isn’t possible yet (at least that I’m aware of), it actually is possible to write a letter to your future self. I know because... well, I’ve done it!

It’s a concept I recently came across from one of my favorite podcasters. So naturally, I had to try it out for myself, especially since the start of a new year is a great time to set goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

So earlier this week, I sat down at my desk, typed up a letter to myself in one year from now, and scheduled it to send on January 1st, 2025 using the website FutureMe. Not only was it a fun practice that I’d recommend you try out yourself, but it also helped me get clear on my goals and plan out exactly how I hope to get there.

Who knows what the new year holds. But one thing I do know? Your actions today create your future tomorrow. So go out there and make your future self proud :)

This Week's Find The Good Story

This week’s find the good story is from an anonymous member of our community. Hope it inspires you as much as it inspires us!

“My mental health this year has been pretty rough. Being the “happy kid” in my family and friend groups this year was a difficult thing to accept, and I still don’t know if I fully have. I struggled a lot to get school work done and would always put other people’s problems before my own. This caused me to bury all my feelings and fall further and further.

When my grades in school began to drop significantly, I realized I needed to start focusing more on myself. I found some markers and began writing quotes on my mirror every night, which helped me become more positive and start each day on the right foot.

I also began trying to make light of situations and embrace little things more than I was before. Focusing more on the small moments has helped me find the good in all aspects of life. Things like talking to someone new in study hall or laughing with your friends are what life is all about.”

Thanks for reading this week's edition of Find The Good Friday! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so let us know what you thought by dropping us a reply to this email. 
Keep on finding the good :)
January 05, 2024 — Connor Flynn

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