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At FTG, we aim to inspire, connect, and promote our mantra in hopes that it has positive effects on those who choose to use it. Share your story here!

This month, we want to be extra loud about Mental Health!

We’re encouraging everyone to share their story of how they’ve found the good. Whether the story is short, long, simple or detailed, as long as you’re proud to share it, we know it will have a positive effect on someone reading it. They just might learn a thing or two on how to flip their perspective when something negative happens.

Help lead the way and make a difference this month. If you'd like to share your story, read the steps below 

1) The Prompt 
For Mental Health Awareness Month we’re asking you to share your story of how you find the good. This can be in the past, present, or how you plan to find the good in the future. We just want to celebrate wherever you’re at on your mental health journey and show others out there that they're not alone!

2) Submit Your Story 
We can't wait to hear how you find the good! Please follow this link to submit your story.

3) Encourage Your Friends And Family To Share Their Story!
The last thing we're going to ask of you is to share this campaign with your friends and family. Let's get everyone involved and encourage them to share their story!

4) Accept A Thank You From Us!

We’re giving everyone who shares their story with us a free sticker pack + keychain. They read “I Found The Good”… Because, well, you found the good! We’re proud of you and we think you deserve something special.

*If you’d like to secure a sticker pack and keychain please make sure that you write at least a paragraph or more. Just show us some good effort! (We won’t be grading, and there’s no rubric, don’t worry😉)*

*A Note From Our Founder*

Hey Everyone, it’s Jack here!

I’m hopping in to kick off this campaign by sharing how I’ve been finding the good recently…

For me, it was a long dark winter (Literally dark, the sun was setting at 5pm 👎) and I let some of my good habits slip. My physical health took a backseat when I put work, social life, and other things first. I found myself not being very active on a daily basis, which lead me to feeling lazier than usual, not sleeping well, not following a routine, and ultimately not feeling like my best self.

I kicked off the year prioritizing my physical health. The past few months I’ve noticed a huge change in my overall health and well-being. The key to my recent success has been getting back my habit of daily exercise. I know this is a keystone habit for me and it always has the biggest effect on my life.

For me, I have to move my body early in the morning to set myself up to be productive and energized through the whole day. There’s no better way to end a day than feeling accomplished and knowing you gave it your all. There’s also a direct link between exercising and my ability to handle daily stresses. I tend to be less patient, negative, and unmotivated when I don’t kickstart my day early in the morning.

I’ve learned It’s easier for me to find the good once I’ve been to the gym, gone for a run, or walked my dog outside. I believe it’s important for everyone to designate certain activities or strategies that allow them to find the good. It may not be the same as me, but if you’re looking for something new to try, I highly recommend getting active at least once a day!

That’s my turn, now you’re up. I can’t wait to hear how you find the good!

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May 15, 2023 — Jack Tarca

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