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Our goal is to help you get through the good and the bad days, the ups and the downs, and anything else that stands between you and a smile on your face.

This week's focus: How catching some Zzzz's impacts your mental health.

Let’s get to it!

This Week's Resource

Effects of Lack of Sleep on Mental Health

Alright, alright... I’m sure we all know how important sleep is for physical health.

After all, whenever you’re sick or injured, your body heals the most while you’re asleep.

But what about the impacts of sleep on your mental health? How can sleep (or lack of sleep) impact your mental health and well-being?

From energy levels to behavior changes, read on to learn more about the importance of sleep and its impacts on your mind and body.

This Week's Quote

"Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow."
Tom Roth | American Doctor and Professor

This Week's Quick Tip

I don’t know about you, but some nights I find myself staying up just a tad too late scrolling on TikTok (I know, I know, it’s a pretty bad habit). And you know what happens the next morning? I wake up all groggy and more tired than usual.

So one thing that’s helped ensure I feel well rested and get the sleep I know I need is to put my phone away and eliminate all screens an hour before bed each night.

And when I compare how I feel the next morning to how I feel after endlessly scrolling on my phone the night before? Man oh man, the difference is like day and night (no pun intended).

So if you want to get a better night’s sleep and feel more refreshed the next morning, I recommend giving it a try. Your body and mind will thank you in the morning.

This Week's Find The Good Story

This week’s find the good story is from Katelyn. Hope it inspires you as much as it inspires us!

“Each day I strive to find the good in society, humanity, and everything around me.

As someone in hospitality, I walk past individuals every day and do my best to acknowledge and smile at each face I encounter. Nobody knows what anyone else is going through in our personal lives. However, sharing a smile and having a quick chat may easily uplift the energy in the atmosphere.

To find positivity and brightness in today, tomorrow, and all the days that follow, I’ll always be open to receiving and giving the good.”

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July 21, 2023 — Connor Flynn

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